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Our modern manufacturing facility provides contract chocolate panning, coating, enrobing and chocolate combining services to clients Australia-wide. Using delicious chocolate of your choosing, we can coat a variety of fruit, nut and freeze dried or candy centres specific to your individual requirements. We are only limited by your imagination!


Looking to increase current production or start a new line of chocolate coated products but don't possess the in-house manufacturing capabilities? Make use of our contract chocolate panning services to meet all of your specific requirements.

We will take a collaborative approach and work closely with you through every phase of the co-manufacturing process. You can supply us with the centre you'd like us to coat in chocolate or we can help source premium centres on your behalf prior to coating. You can also choose the chocolate coating to best suit your requirements from our range of high quality dark and milk chocolate varieties. 

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Private Label Manufacturing.

We offer private label manufacturing services where we use any of our delicious products and present them in your branded packaging. We also offer joint branding. Contact us to discuss how we can take a collaborative and flexible approach to seeing your product or branding ideas come to life.

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