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100% australian owned 

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Koala Farms are proud to have been producing and distributing a wide variety of Australia's finest macadamia nut products since 1988.

The Koala Farms brand is synonymous with quality. Each product is tailored to delight and appeal to both domestic and international visitors to all regions of Australia.

Specialising in chocolate coated macadamia nuts, chocolate koalas and a large variety of other products, Koala Farms supply internationally to duty free shop operators, souvenir stores, renowned tourism outlets, theme parks and international tour wholesalers.

To include the Koala Farms’ range of products in your retail store, cafe or tourism destination, please browse our catalogue and contact us for wholesale pricing and ordering information.

Australian Made Logo

Private Labels

Over the years we have built up a large image library to support our wide range of products. Our production capabilities are very flexible and we can accommodate everything from small production runs of boutique products to an export container load.

Call us on + 61 2 6628 1005 or email and we would be happy to put together an obligation free proposal to fit your particular requirements.

About Macadamias

Macadamia nuts are cholesterol free and contain the highest level of vital monounsaturated fat in any natural food. With the exception of fish, they also have one of the highest levels of Omega-3. The nuts are extremely high in vitamins E, A1, B1, B2 and niacin, and are loaded with dietary fibre, calcium and iron.


Macadamia nut oil is not only healthier than both olive and canola oil, it has a better taste and is fast becoming a favourite among the top chefs around the world.

Native To Australia

Macadamia nuts are native to Australia. They are named for John Macadam, a Scottish born physician and chemist who promoted the cultivation of the nuts in Australia.


There are a huge number of recognised 'food plants' in the world and the macadamia nut is one of Australia's valuable contributions to this list. The rich, buttery flavour of macadamias is considered by many to be the most delicious of all nuts.

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